Winter Season


tour length: 4-5 hours

Operated by SkyArk Tours


We will ride with our SkyArks to a secret, secluded location away from city lights. In fact, is so deep into the wilderness, that the stars seem closer than normal and within our grasp.

Once there, we’ll enjoy a nice two-course dinner, on a typical Tentipi, telling stories around the bonfire, while waiting for the Northern Lights to show up and amaze us. Believe us, nothing beats this wild night-experience!

We will embark on an icy adventure with our unique SkyArks, a trade mark concept of our organisation. It consists on a glass cabin pulled by a snowmobile, well heated and set up with comfortable beanbags. The goal is to admire the surrounding wilderness from a perfectly heated glass sled, specifically designed to float like a magic carpet through the winter landscapes. Ready?

This tour starts from Kurravaara, by heading off on the river towards our own frozen island, in one secluded branch of the Torne river itself. If conditions are favourable, you’ll be amazed by Northern Lights throughout the transfer, since you can admire them through the glass of the SkyArk. Needless to say, your guide will stop anytime if you want to take pictures.

Guides will tell local stories sitting around the fire, drinking freshly brewed coffee to stay warm, while constantly sneaking out of the tent to see the Aurora blast the sky!

This tour is open for multiple bookings, so there can be other people also joining on the same tour.


  • Transfers by car is included if staying in hotel in Kiruna city centre or Jukkasjärvi
  • Overall and winter boots available upon request
  • The tour is 4h in total 
  • Included coffee and/or tea, dinner, private transportation. Both vegeterian and vegan options available if requested
  • Min 2 and max 6 people per tour (Children under 4 y.o. are not recommended to join the tour as they might get bored)
  • Available from December 1st – March 31st.
Depature Information
SkyArk, Vasikkaniemivägen 15, 981 46 Kurravaara, Sweden. Once you get here, please park your car and wait for us. Our guides will take care of you right away, and prepare you for the upcoming adventure.