Winter Season

- 2 - 4 DAYS (1-3 NIGHTS) -

What to Expect?


The winter season in Kiruna is like an adventure park for grown-ups and children alike. The snow, ice and vast landscapes of wild nature at its best offers a great deal of fantastic adventures.

On our multi-day winter expeditions, guests go out with guides deep into the wilderness for multiple days. The take-off is done with ready-packed snowmobiles, sleds tents, heaters, food etc – everything needed for an amazing time in the wilderness, where there are no other people. There is always 1 guide driving a snowmobile and 1 guest joining (own snowmobile can be rented as well).  Our tents are heated and camping beds with reindeer skins are used to make the expedition comfortable. All meals are provided during the trip, including local cuisine. Most of the meals are prepared over open fire. 

We will also bring with us ice fishing gear and on request also snowshoes to try-out. Wilderness sauna with a hole in the ice for swimming can also be arranged out in the wilderness, which is a truly unique experience. There’s also a good chance you’ll experience the northern lights during the evenings and nights, when the sky is clear. The lights are truly magical to experience in the wild, where there is no light pollution the vast wilderness of Kiruna, you can experience being in the the wild without meeting another soul for days or weeks.

The winter season is long: it lasts from November until May. The darkest period of the year— the so-called polar night—starts on the winter solstice on the 21st of December and continues until the 4th of January. During this period, the sun does not rise above the horizon. The coldest time of the winter is as expected, startingin January and lasting through February. The days get longer and warmer slowly, from mid- and late March through the end of April. Sometimes you can ice fish in the sunshine, wearing just a T-shirt.

For the ultimate winter adventure, we recommend that guests visit Kiruna for 5-7 days and allow us to pick the best days in terms of weather. In that period of time, there’s time to do remote trips overnight during the days with the best weather. 


Have a look on what we do on our exciting winter expeditions. Options for activities include e.g. ice fishing, wilderness sauna including ice swimming, wilderness skiing, snowshoe walking and northern lights watching. Weather conditions such as clouds, snow, wind and temperature also effects what activities are suitable. Guides take care of preparing authentic arctic food often on the open fire. 



– Suitable for groups between 2 to 6 persons
– 2 to 4 days (1 to 3 nights)
– Pick-up at hotel, airport or city centre in Kiruna; take-off from Kurravaara with snowmobiles
– All transports handled by professional guides – normally one guest passenger per snowmobile in the wilderness.
– We use heated tents of high quality that are spacious with camping beds
– Full-service in the wilderness provided, including all meals, coffee and tea. No alcohol is included.
– Activities in the wilderness is decided on beforehand together with the group – we provide equipment for e.g. ice fishing, snow shoeing, skiing, but it needs to be agreed on beforehand.
– Guests must bring warm personal clothing, sun glasses, toiletries and own sleeping bag. Overalls and sleeping bags can be provided to the guests, but needs to be agreed on beforehand.
– Bring swimming suit / pants for wilderness sauna and ice swimming
– Know that all off-road transports are done with snowmobiles.
– Shuttle transport back to Kiruna hotel, airport of city centre 

Please note
– As an option, we can have a professional photographer join the group and create eternal memories of your fishing experience.
– Snowmobiles renting alternatives available.

Invoice payment is used. 30% will be invoiced at reservation, no credit card payment offered for this expedition.

Please fill out needed information in the checkout and we will contact you.