Exclusive Arctic Spring Fishing in May 2022


We are arranging a small number of exclusive glamping ice fishing trips during May 2022 that focus on big arctic char high up in the mountains.

Read more about the trip and book your spot today! Booking open in April 2022.


Arctic River Co. offers guided, full-service guided summer and winter fishing trips in Kiruna, Swedish Lapland.

We are in the business of arranging unforgettable fishing trips for guests who want to experience something new and unique. Typically our guests are experienced anglers, but we’re more than happy to introduce new anglers to the world of fishing.

The company was created by entrepreneurial fishermen with backgrounds from different industries who share a common passion: fishing in tundra regions that are wild and untouched.

Our dedicated team specialises in fishing for pike, grayling, brown trout, Arctic char and Baltic salmon in the summer and grayling, brown trout and Arctic char in the winter.

Safety is our top priority. When we’re in the wilderness, we carry satellite devices should we need to call for assistance, and we minimise COVID-related risks by avoiding human contact outside of our fishing group.


Known as a world-class fishing site, the Arctic area surrounding Kiruna covers a quarter of Sweden. Over 6,000 lakes, 6 major rivers and countless smaller streams in the region offer a unique place to fish for Arctic species.

Kiruna is located 200 km (124 miles) above the polar circle in northern Sweden. The municipality is huge, and to a large degree it’s untouched by civilisation. It’s half the size of The Netherlands and has roughly 23,000 inhabitants. The nature is extremely versatile; the land is home to taiga forests, tundra and alpine areas.

After you book a trip with us, all you need to do is get yourself to Kiruna—we’ll take of the rest. The easiest way to reach Kiruna is by connection flight through Stockholm, only 1.5 hours away.

We hope to see you soon!

Kiruna and the arctic circle


The winter season for ice fishing in Kiruna starts in the end of November and continues until the end of April. The Arctic polar night—when daylight is limited—occurs from the end of the year until mid-January.

We can help you plan a fantastic ice fishing-focused trip to Kiruna that allows you to experience true wilderness. Groups of 3-6 people are ideal. We recommend planning a trip length of 5-7 days in Kiruna. (This way, if we run into bad weather on a day or two—which could prevent us from going outside that day—you’ll still have enough days to enjoy the gorgeous outdoors.)