arctic river company


Arctic River Co. was created by entrepreneurial fishermen with backgrounds in different industries who share a common passion: fishing in tundra regions that are wild and untouched.

Our team has been fishing for different fish species all around the world for decades and always returns to the Nordic tundra to seek inspiration, freedom and silence.

Thomas Tallskog - Head of Arctic River Co.

Thomas Tallskog

Thomas has been a hardcore fly fisher since 2005. He’s been fishing all over the world for salmonids, from Argentina to Greenland. “Fly fishing has always been the perfect way to balance a long career in IT. My passion has taken me to new and unexpected places, where I have found inspiration and happiness. Arctic destinations are my favorites, and Northern Lapland in Sweden is on top of that list. That’s the reason why we founded Arctic River Company”.

Mikael "Mikey" Sarelin - Head Guide

Mikey Sarelin

Mikey works as a professional fishing guide and is a true all-around fisherman. He has extensive experience in all types of angling, ranging from tropical fishing to endurance fishing in the Arctic. Mikey runs his own fishing guide business in Southern Finland and has been working as a tour guide for GetAway Tours in Greenland, Panama, Nicaragua, and elsewhere. ‘Fishing was so close to my heart that I decided to quit my job in academics and focus fully on my dream: to work as a fishing guide and do what I love every day. My secret getaway is to go for longer periods in hidden Arctic places and hike to unseen fishing spots that hold trophy fish’.